Tu Pakihi Ora Programme

What is Tu Pakihi Ora?

Funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Tu Pakihi Ora (TPO) is a Self-Employment Preparation Program delivered by Ochre Business to help the unemployed set up a business in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The Program is designed to walk you through the process of completing a business plan & financial forecast with our focus on supporting you to succeed.

Tu Pakihi Ora consists of online workshops and mentoring support delivered over 8 weeks. The workshops are designed to help you assess the viability of your business idea while developing a business plan & financial forecast. From concept to doing, we will walk with you all the way to ensure that once you have completed your plan you will be prepared for the business world. The next step will allow you to apply for MSD’s flexi-wage self-employment subsidy and business start-up grant and this can help boost your earning capacity when your business needs it most, at the beginning. The flexi-wage self-employment subsidy & business start-up grant is an excellent way for your business to get some financial assistance.

Your business is not to be taken lightly, if you achieve your business goals then this will become a way of life and an asset for your whanau. MSD’s business start-up grant will also assist you with purchasing items needed for the running of your business, the grant can be used for:

  • equipment required for the business
  • initial start-up stock for the business
  • materials required to produce goods for the business
  • renovation of premises to facilitate start of business or
  • one-off start-up costs, eg:
    • connection fees, such as power, phone or internet
    • first month’s lease and bond
    • legal costs associated with establishing the business
    • insurance
    • start-up costs for advertising/marketing
    • printing business cards or flyers
  • setting up a basic website

Once your business plan has been approved for the Flexi Wage Subsidy and/or Business Start Up Grant, we will provide you with support to help set up the business. So, we won’t leave you without help!

So now you could have a business plan, the flexi wage and the business start-up grant a powerful trilogy to get you heading towards business success. All you have to do is register for Tu Pakihi Ora and get ready for “BUSINESS AWESOMENESS”.

TU Pakihi Ora Program Content

The TPO program will consist of the following eight workshops: 

1. Introduction to Business Planning – He Timatatanga ki te Waihanga Mahere Pakihi

This workshop introduces you to the business planning process and focuses on completing the first stages of the business plan. You will:

  • use the business model canvas as a tool to assess potential business model(s) around their idea
  • develop their business vision, mission & values
  • develop SMART business goals to pursue over the next financial year
  • consider an appropriate business structure

2. Market Research – He Rangahau Makete

This workshop focusses on the process for assessing the market opportunity of a your business idea. You will:

  • understand the role of market research in validating their business idea
  • develop a market research brief & survey questionnaire
  • know how to undertake market research for their idea

3. Business Environment – Te Taiao Pakihi

This workshop helps validates the research required to undertake an internal & external analysis of your business idea. You will:

  • understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats in relation to your idea
  • undertake an analysis that assesses the political, economic, social, technological, legal & environment impacts
  • complete a competitor analysis & develop competitor profiles
  • complete a profile on your potential customer(s)

This will help you see if the industry & market in which your business idea operates within is a worthwhile one to pursue.

4. Operations Plan – He Mahere Whakahaere

This workshop will outline the requirements needed to start up & operate the business.

You will:

  • identify where you will be operating the business from & hours of operations
  • develop a list of key resources needed for the business
  • outline the activities & / or processes needed to operate the business
  • identify any technology requirements for the business
  • outline any distribution & / or logistical plans

You will complete an operations plan as part of this workshop

5. Human Resources / Legal Plan – Te Mahere Pumanawa Tangata me te Mahere Ture

This workshop will help you to identify your human resource requirements for the business idea and understand your legal obligations. You will:

  • understand the difference between employees & contractors
  • identify staffing requirements
  • identify potential key partner(s) to work with
  • understand the different laws relating to your business idea & its implications on the business
  • understand insurance requirements needed for your business

6. Marketing Plan – Te Mahere Whakatairanga

This workshop will outline the marketing strategies needed to generate the sales to operate the business. You will:

  • develop strategies aligning with market research findings
  • finalise your value proposition & customer segments
  • understand the channels needed, including digital channels, to reach your customers and
  • how customer relationships are to be managed

7. Financial Plan – Te Mahere Ahumoni

This workshop will validate the financial viability of the business idea.

You will:

  • understand your accounting & taxation obligations
  • develop a sales forecast
  • complete a profit & loss and cashflow forecast
  • undertake a breakeven analysis
  • complete a ratio analysis

8. Bringing It All Together – Whakakotahingia Nga Mea Katoa

This workshop will bring together all the different components of the business plan that participants would’ve completed in the previous 7 weeks.

We will be getting participants to:

  • complete an executive summary for the business plan
  • deliver a presentation on your business plan
  • complete the process for the flexi-wage self-employment subsidy & / or business start-up grant and
  • consider your next steps

TU Pakihi Ora Delivery

The TPO program is a fully government-funded program consisting of a series of workshops delivered online via zoom over an 8-week duration.  

A total of eight workshops will be delivered over this time focusing on developing a business plan & financial forecast with complimentary one on one mentoring support provided.

The program will be limited to no more than 14 participants to ensure we offer meaningful discussions & interactions. All successful participants will be notified and provided with all zoom information required for the Tu Pakihi Ora programme.

Each workshop will be three hours long and delivered on a weekly basis with up to four-hours of one-on-one mentoring provided throughout. Participants are expected to attend all workshops in this program. Phone and email support are provided during this time to support participants in applying the learnings to your own business plan.

Special guest speakers will attend our workshops and share their knowledge and expertise in helping you along with your business set up. These experts are carefully selected to ensure we deliver the highest quality information that gives you the participant the best chance of success.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us now for Tu Pakihi Ora – Pakihi Tu, Pakihi Ora!

How Do I Register My Interest?

You can register your interest on this website or you can contact Kawana Pihama on 09 360 4892. Our next workshops will be starting in October 2022.

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