Certificate in Small Business & Project Management

Ochre Business - Government Funded Business PlanningDelivered by Ochre Business Solutions on behalf of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, the Certificate in Small Business and Project Management (CSBM) is a practical Level 4 NZQA approved business programme with a vision of ‘Developing successful and responsible business owners’.

This programme, owned by Te Wananga o Aotearoa, is designed to develop New Zealand business owners to have the ability to apply project management skills to the successful operation and growth of their own businesses, alongside providing New Zealand with business owners and operators who have improved capability to establish, operate, grow and sustain a small business.

CSBM Programme Content

The CSBM consists of the following seven core Kōnae Ako (modules):

Kōnae Ako (Modules) Overview
Business and Project Planning This kōnae ako provides an introduction to both project planning and the business plan. Tauira (students) will learn about project planning tools and techniques, the components of a project and components of a business plan. Tauira will develop their plan for the business planning project which will be completed over the duration of the programme, and then complete the first component of the business plan, the Strategic Profile.
Industry and Market Analysis This kōnae ako involves researching the industry and market for a business. Tauira will complete a situational analysis incorporating the use of external analysis tools and will consider social, cultural and environmental factors and opportunities relating to their business. An introduction to market research is also covered within the kōnae ako, with tauira learning how to prepare a research brief and questionnaire.
Operations and Customer Service This is one of the larger kōnae ako within the programme, covering topics relating to operational areas such as customer service and sales, communications, production processes and technology, online business and business law. The operational aspect of implementing and monitoring a project is also covered, with tauira implementing and reporting on the progress of the market research project they planned in the previous kōnae ako.
Human Resource Management In this kōnae ako, tauira will learn about the human resource aspects of operating and growing a business. From a planning perspective, topics covered include organisational structure, managing change and exit strategies. Operational topics include the recruitment process, employment agreements, training and retaining staff, managing employment problems and employment law. Whilst the focus of this module is on managing and communicating with staff, tauira also learn about communication skills in the form of facilitating a focus group.
Marketing This kōnae ako focuses on marketing. Tauira learn how to analyse and use the results of market research, and in doing so complete the market research project they commenced in Kōnae Ako 2. The remainder of the kōnae ako covers the fundamental marketing concepts including target markets, positioning and the components of the marketing mix.
Accounting and Finance This is the largest kōnae ako within the programme. Tauira learn about the practical aspects of small business accounting and bookkeeping processes. This includes record keeping, completing GST returns and complying with income tax requirements, as well as understanding financial reports. Financial planning is also covered within the kōnae ako, with tauira completing a cash flow and profit forecasts and identifying the financing needs of the business.
Project Review and Presentation In this final kōnae ako, tauira review and report on the business plan project that they work on throughout the entire programme. There is a focus on communication skills, with tauira giving oral presentations about their project.

Entry Criteria

  • A minimum of 16 years of age or over (unless exemption has been granted) at the commencement of the programme;
  • A New Zealand citizen (or citizen of Australia, Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands) or permanent residents;
  • Tauira may only enrol in more than one programme concurrently if the dual programme options are approved within Te Wānanga o Aotearoa;
  • Meet the eligibility, suitability for admission, and external support criteria as outlined in the programmes pre-enrolment guidelines.

Pre-Enrolment Guidelines

A potential tauira must:

  • Meet the entry criteria;
  • Attend an information session;
  • Be graduates of a Level 3 business qualification (or higher); or demonstrate competence in numeracy and literacy exercises that reflect the comprehension, writing and numerical abilities for the programme.
  • Must satisfy one of the following requirements:
    • Have a business idea which they are ready to develop;
    • Be an existing business owner; or
    • Be involved in the management of an existing small business for which they can develop a detailed business plan.
  • Attend an Information Session and an enrolment interview (these may  be combined into one session);
  • Be fully committed to completing the programme.

This programme is not available to international students.

Tuition and Resource Costs

There are NO tuition fees for CSBM. Participants will receive their own comprehensive set of CSBM resources including Kōnae Ako Magazines containing programme content, lesson plans and activities and a business plan template.

CSBM Delivery

Length: 36 weeks
Location: Held Online Currently
Start dates: Semester A: Week beginning 28 March 2022
Semester B: Week beginning 22 August 2022
Classes: Held one evening per week & the occasional Saturday workshop

Intakes are subject to sufficient class numbers and are not always offered in all areas.


At the completion of the CSBM programme tauira will graduate with the following qualifications:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Small Business) Level 4
  • New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4)
  • Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Certificate in Small Business and Project Management

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