Wāhine Toa Pakihi Programme

Introduction to Wāhine Toa Pakihi Programme


Funded by Te Puni Kōkiri, the Wāhine Toa Pakihi (WTP) Programme is an Ochre Business initiative helping to equip wāhine Māori business owners with the skills necessary to successfully lead and manage a business.

The ability to lead and manage a business are essential skills for all wāhine Māori entrepreneurs. 

WTP will help to develop this ability, which will assist wāhine Māori to make informed decisions and help them to reach both their personal & business goals.

Wāhine Toa Pakihi Delivery

The WTP programme is a fully government-funded programme so there is no cost to participate. It is delivered online via zoom over a 10 week duration.  

A total of ten workshops will be delivered over this time focusing on leadership & business-related topics with complimentary one on one mentoring support provided.

The programme will be delivered to those in the start-up stage of their business journey.

The programme will be limited to twelve participants to ensure we offer meaningful discussions & interactions.

Each workshop will be two hours long and delivered on a weekly basis with up to one-hour one-on-one mentoring provided every week.

Participants are expected to attend all workshops in this programme.

Phone and email support are provided during this time to awhi & support wāhine in applying the learnings to their own business situation.

Special guest speakers will attend our workshops and share their knowledge and expertise in helping wāhine along with their business journey.

Graduation will occur in the final workshop with the presentation of certificates for those who complete the programme. 

Wahine Toa Pakihi Programme Content

The WTP programme will consist of the following ten workshops: 

1. Kupu Arataki ki te Hautūtanga – Induction Pathway to Leadership

The workshop will discuss the importance of leadership and the attributes and qualities required to be an effective leader.

We introduce the four pou of self-leadership and why it is an important part of success. Te Whare Tapa Whā model will be introduced as a holistic approach to self-leadership.

2. He Kitenga Whaiaro – Self Discovery

We explore the first pou of self-leadership in more detail. He kitenga whaiaro allows you to reflect on your past situations and decisions made in order to review and confirm your purpose and values. We will be getting you to develop a clear purpose and to determine if this aligns with your business aspirations.

This leads to understanding your ‘brand voice’ by way of ‘brand storytelling’.  To create an authentic brand story, you will be asked to dig deep to craft this. An authentic brand story is a powerful and meaningful way of communicating and connecting with your target audience.

3. Ngā Pou Matua e Whā o te Hautūtanga Whaiaro – The Four Pillars of Self Leadership

We will recap the first pou before going through the remaining pou of self-leadership in more detail. You will understand the importance of self-acceptance (second pou) as a way of being aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

You will also reflect on how this impacts your business. We will then explore the importance of self-management (third pou) in managing a balanced lifestyle whilst considering the time commitment available for the business.

We will also discuss Te Whare Tapa Whā model and outline some tools and tips you can implement to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. You will complete a personal development plan to keep you accountable and on track to continual learning & self-growth (fourth pou).

4. Te Hautūtanga Pakihi – Business Leadership

We will discuss the 4 key pou of business leadership: Aronga (Purpose), Whakakitenga (Vision), Uaratanga (Mission) & Uara (Values). You will go through the process of developing your business purpose, vision, mission & values in light of what has been developed at previous workshops.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of setting standards and expectations as a way of developing a strong business culture.

5. Te Ao Pakihi – Business Environment

You will start to analyse the business environment you are or will be operating in. You will understand the impact COVID-19 will have on your industry & business.

You will identify the opportunities and threats that may impact your business. You will also start to identify key business priorities and goals.

6. Te Kaupapa Waihanga Pakihi – Business Model Canvas 

Now that we’ve looked at the business environment, we will introduce the business model canvas as a way of future-proofing your business.

We will examine your value proposition, aligning this with your customer needs. We will explore the type of relationship customers expect of the business. This will give an insight into the ideal customer experience and business practices needed to provide this experience.

7. Ngā Ara Pakihi me te Moni Whiwhi – Business Channels & Revenue

Getting the product to market is an essential part of business, we will explore both marketing and sales channels. We will look at marketing strategies that create awareness and interest.

This will help to determine a sales approach for funnelling leads & creating revenue. Deciding on the right pricing approach and knowing how customers want to pay, will ensure that you are able to maximise income potential.

8. Ngā Rauemi Pakihi, Ngā Mahi Pakihi me Ngā Tūhonotanga Pakihi  – Business Resources, Activities and Partnerships

We will be reviewing the resources, key activities & partnerships needed to implement a successful business model.

You will examine your physical, personnel, intellectual and financial resources needed to run the business.

Key activities involve looking at what the business ‘must do’ to make the business model work. Understanding key activities that drive the value proposition and customer relationships is essential to business success.

You will identify key partnerships critical to making the business model work.

9. He Mahere Pakihi, Whakahaere Moni – Business Financial Planning

This is where we look at the final element of the business model canvas. You will identify key costs for the business and start putting together the financial plan based on the revenue streams identified earlier.

We will discuss the importance of financial planning & assess whether the business model will be financially viable.

10. Whakatakoto i te Kaupapa Waihanga Pakihi – Bringing It All Together

In our last workshop, we will bring together the different segments of their business model canvas into one concise overview.

You will look at the underlying assumptions of the model and the next steps in validating these assumptions in order for the business model to work.

You will provide an overview of your business model canvas as a way of developing your communication skills. It also allows you an opportunity to cement your understanding of business and assess if it is worth investing further time and resources. 

Who Is The Programme For?

This programme is aimed at wāhine Maori business owners based in the Tamaki Makaurau- Auckland region.

The programme will be delivered to those in the start-up (He Hua) phase of their business journey as defined below.

He Hua – Start-Up

A start-up business is defined as someone who:   

  • Is set up in business
  • Has been officially trading for less than 2 years
  • Is at the early stage of business development
  • May have limited capital
  • Has a good understanding of their current business situation

Types of situations where this programme will help:

  • Already trading and operating but needs direction
  • Assisting your whanau with their business
  • Trading through social media such as Facebook or Trade Me
  • Running a cottage business from home

How Do I Register My Interest?

If you are interested in this programme then please contact Leisa Nathan directly on 09 360 4890 or email her at leisa@ochrebusiness.com. The next programme starting in March 2022 is fully subscribed.

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