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About Ochre Business Solutions

Ochre Business was established in April 2004 by two Maori women accountants. The name OCHRE was chosen to reflect the founders’ cultural backgrounds and beliefs. In Maori mythology the first Maori women, Hine-Ahu-One was made from OCHRE clay and so this reflected our belief in nurturing indigenous communities and empowering our communities through knowledge and education.

The vision of the organisation is:

“Empowering growth and excellence”

and OCHRE BUSINESS aims to achieve this through our mission

“By delivering knowledge and tools that will create a catalyst for change”.

We PRIDE ourselves on our values being:

Professionalism: In everything we do & everything we provide
Reciprocity: Desire for mutual success
Innovation: Striving for continuous improvement
Determination: Igniting inner fortitude
Excellence: Endeavouring to achieve brilliance

Our organisational culture reflects the concept of Whanau:

Whakawhanaungatanga: Inclusivity – All for One and One for All
Harikoa: Happiness – When work is play: the impossible ceases to exist
Aroha: Admiration – Mutual respect & admiration “give and you will receive”
Ngoi: Strength – Through strong leadership we build a champion team
Anaianei: Act Now – Take massive action
Uu: Standfast – Hold onto your values & beliefs as they are what make you unique

To connect with Leisa:
leisa @ochrebusiness.com

LinkedIn Leisa NathanLinkedIn: Leisa Nathan

Leisa Nathan – Director of Ochre Business

Leisa is the Director of Ochre Business Solutions, a training & mentoring company based in Auckland. A Chartered Accountant, Leisa has had significant experience advising indigenous businesses in areas of export, marketing and financial management for the past 20 years and was an accredited mentor for Te Puni Kokiri & a business mentor for MWDI. Having mentored & educated in excess of 300 Maori & Pacific owned businesses, Leisa understands the challenges that indigenous businesses face. Leisa has industry experience in property, organics/natural products, education and creative sectors. Hobbies include property investing, cycling, boxing and travelling.

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