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Ochre Business Home OwnershipHome ownership is an important if not integral part of your financial wellbeing, and needs to be a priority for all New Zealanders who don’t currently own their own home. Ochre Business believes that home ownership should be the right of all New Zealanders but the dream of owning your own home is getting harder and harder. It was because of this that we have put together a website that uses video tuition to teach first home buyers all the ins and outs of the home buying industry. The website is called www.theblueprint.co.nz and is revolutionary in the approach that we have taken to get kiwis into their own homes.

However before you can even begin to look for your new home you must ask yourself the question, should I be renting or am I ready to buy?

This is a crucial question that needs an answer if you answer rent, then for you the time is not right to buy and you might need time to save for a deposit. If you answer buy, then check out the info on our home ownership website and follow the link to the No1 education website for first home buyers.

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Should I Rent or Buy?
NZ’s No1 Home Ownership Website


Should I Rent or Buy?

Ochre Business Should I Rent or BuyThis is the first question you need to ask yourself when considering buying your first home. There are so many things to consider but as a guide for you answer these 10 questions. If you are answering yes, most of the time (more than 5 times) then you are ready for home ownership and should proceed to our website for first home buyers. If you are answering no, most of the time (more than 5 times) then consider whether the time is right and you may need more time to get finances or your personal position into better shape so you will have a greater chance at getting lending.

1. Do you have a deposit available for your first home?
2. Have you any spare cash to pay for documents needed when buying your home?
3. Do you have a good credit rating?
4. Are you sick of paying rent and therefore paying for someone’s mortgage?
5. Do you realise that owning your own Home becomes an asset for your family?
6. Are you ready to take the next step towards financial freedom?
7. Do you think that you deserve to own your own home?
8. Are you able to manage communications between 3-5 groups?
9. Can you handle hearing No from someone?
10. Is home ownership a necessity for you?

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NZ’s No1 Home Ownership Website

Due to many of our students asking us to teach them how to buy their first home we at Ochre Business decided to put together a website that educates first home buyers using videos as a medium to convey the message.

We thought long and hard and realised that every new first home buyer needs a blueprint to follow that almost guarantees their success. A simple approach that considers the fastest and the slowest movers and allows you to watch the videos over and over again so you will get it.

So the birth of our website www.theblueprint.co.nz was the brainchild of Ochre Business and our commitment to first home buyers and your need to be educated about home buying.

On the website you will find videos that cover the ABC’s of first home buying and even better it is absolutely FREE. It will always be free so that as a first home buyer you have a resource that you can go and watch until you get what you need from that particular video.

Some of the topics that we cover include; Intro to first home buying, Mortgages, conveyancing lawyer, insurance, house building and more. We are confident that what we offer is an educated approach to first home buying using videos to help you every step of the way.

We intend to keep building the video library so any new home buyer can get real information that concerns first home buying that is up to date and relevant to your journey.

So don’t wait another second click on our link and enjoy this FREE resource.

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