Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an important tool to have as an investor or someone who is looking to build their wealth. To become literate in finances you must first learn the different ways to generate income above and beyond what you are already earning.

Ultimately your financial literacy should lead you to financial freedom but the way you do that varies and depends on what strategies you employ to create your additional wealth. Here at Ochre Business we offer two financial literacy programmes.

Firstly, Te Wananga o Aotearoa’s Certificate in Money Management is a 20 week Level 3 NZQA programme that looks to transform the way in which you manage your money.

Secondly, the Sorted Seminars are a series of 1 hour focused workshops that have been created by the Commission for Financial Capability.

Thirdly, we deliver the Whanau Pakihi Ora – Personal Financial Capability Programme aimed at whanau Maori business owners and whanau impacted by COVID-19.

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The Certificate in Money Management – CMM
Sorted Seminars

Whanau Pakihi Ora – Financial Capability

The Certificate in Money Management – CMM

Delivered by Ochre Business Solutions on behalf of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, the Certificate in Money Management (CMM) is a practical Level 3 NZQA approved money management programme that is designed to give participants the tools to reach their financial potential.

The ability to manage money is an essential life skill for all New Zealanders, regardless of their age or current income level. The CMM, owned by Te Wananga o Aotearoa, will develop this ability, which will assist participants to make better informed decisions and help them reach their financial goals in life.

Programme Content

The CMM consists of the following five core Kōnae Ako (modules):

Kōnae Ako (Module) Overview
Money and Me In this Kōnae Ako, participants analyze their attitude towards money and how this affects their financial habits. They identify changes they would like to make that they believe will help them to reach their life goals and aspirations. They will also identify factors which may impinge on their ability to reach those goals, and formulate strategies for managing change.
My Financial Plans In this Kōnae Ako, participants put plans in place to help reach their financial goals. They gain experience in budgeting, analyzing spending against a budget, and making revisions where required. Participants also look at methods for prioritising spending and planning for large expenditure.
Home Ownership and Debt Management This Kōnae Ako focuses on the uses and implications of personal debt. Participants look at forms of personal debt and strategies to reduce debt levels. The second half of the kōnae ako looks at home ownership. This includes considerations involved in the decision to purchase a home and the process involved in making a purchase, as well as financing the purchase.
Savings and Investments This Kōnae Ako introduces participants to the range of investment options available to them to save for retirement or achieve financial freedom. An important component of the module involves understanding the concept of diversification as well as the need to develop an investment portfolio that aligns with the risk profile of the individual.
Wealth Protection In this final Kōnae Ako, participants will learn about how to protect their asset base. They will consider the risks that they face and identify ways to manage them.  Key topics covered include insurances, trusts, and estate planning. Emphasis is also placed on the role of professional advisers in supporting wealth protection.

Entry Criteria

  • A minimum of 16 years of age or over (unless exemption has been granted) at the commencement of the programme;
  • A New Zealand citizen (or citizen of Australia, Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands) or permanent resident; and
  • Meet the eligibility, suitability for admission, and external support criteria

Pre-Enrolment Guidelines

A potential participant must:

  • Meet the entry criteria;
  • Attend an information session;
  • Be graduates of a Level 2 qualification or equivalent; or
  • Attain competence in a numeracy and literacy exercise that reflects comprehension, writing, and numerical abilities for the programme (if they have not already completed a Level 3 programme that has literacy and numeracy components); and
  • Be fully committed to completing the programme.

This programme is not available to international students.

Tuition and Resource Costs

There are NO tuition fees for CMM. Participants will receive their own comprehensive set of CMM resources including detailed lesson plans, modules, and workbooks. This programme is available at no cost to participants.

CMM Delivery

The CMM Contact Programme is a 20 week programme.  The delivery format involves:

  • One class for three hours per week (usually 6.00pm to 9.00pm)
  • Plus: contact workshops usually held on a Saturday 

The CMM programme commences 1st August 2022


At your Information Seminar you will be provided with an Enrolment form.  In order to complete your enrolment form, you must also provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of permanent residency or NZ Citizenship such as a certified copy of your birth certificate or passport.  This is not detailed on the application form; however, it must be done in order for your enrolment to be processed.
  • As places are limited for the Programme, participants will be required to register for an information seminar by contacting Ochre Business Solutions.  Information sessions will start in June 2022.

Click here to register your interest with us.

Sorted Seminars

Think, Shrink and Grow…This is the catch phrase that the sorted seminars use. It talks about thinking about your current financial position, then shrinking your debt so you can grow your wealth. An excellent series of seminars covering:

• Set your goals
• Budgeting
• Managing debt
• Saving
• Investing
• Insurance
• Retirement planning
• Kiwi saver
• Your money in retirement

Each seminar has a booklet to help you remember the lessons and each seminar topic should take about 1 hour. We are a preferred facilitator of these seminars if you would like a seminar please register your interest and one of our staff will contact you soon.

Click here to register your interest with us.

For more information go to:

Whanau Pakihi Ora – Financial Capability

The Whanau Pakihi Ora programme is designed to support Maori business owners, their kaimahi & whanau in developing key capabilities to improve their financial, mental & emotional wellbeing.

Income pressures resulting from COVID-19 have placed financial burdens on whanau particularly if they had to self-isolate during this time. To alleviate the financial stress whanau are under, we would like to offer personal financial capability workshops & one-on-one mentoring support through online delivery. The workshops focus on getting financially sorted, developing a personal whanau financial plan, and developing money management strategies to achieve whanau financial goals.

Key workshop topics include:

  • Getting financially sorted
  • Spending beliefs
  • Managing debt
  • Setting financial goals
  • Taking financial control
  • Protecting your whanau & assets
  • Side hustles & maximising your income potential
  • Creating intergenerational financial wellbeing

The financial capability workshops will commence on Tuesday 7th June 2022 & delivered over 4 weeks. We will be holding online information sessions for you to enrol, click here to attend an online information session Click here to register your interest with us or contact Kawana Pihama on kawana@ochrebusiness.com or ring 09 360 4892

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