Smart Steps to Business

Delivered by Ochre Business Solutions on behalf of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, the Smart Steps to Business programme is a practical Level 3 NZQA approved programme designed to help participants prepare for small business, with the overall goal of developing a business establishment plan.   

This programme, owned by Te Wananga o Aotearoa, will assist participant in identifying and assessing small business opportunities and requirements.  Participant will also develop the skills required to establish and operate economically viable businesses, in a manner which is socially, culturally, and environmentally responsible.

SSB Programme Content

The SSB consists of the following four core Kōnae Ako (module):

Kōnae Ako (Modules) Overview
Getting Started The focus of this Kōnae Ako is on identifying business opportunities and evaluating the relevance of them to the participant. It also involves writing a basic strategic overview for a business idea that can form the first component of a business establishment plan.
Getting Feasible This Kōnae Ako looks at analysing the feasibility of a business idea, given the external environment and existing competition. Participants will gain practice in evaluating alternative strategies for developing a business, taking into account the results of an external analysis and the social, environmental, and cultural impacts of the business.
Getting to the Market This Kōnae Ako provides an introduction to marketing. Participants will be introduced to concepts such as target markets, point of difference, the marketing mix, and the development of business relationships. Options for testing the viability of a business on a small scale before fully launching the business will also be covered.
Getting Ready to Launch In this final Kōnae Ako, participants will learn about the legal and operational aspects of establishing a business. This includes identification and evaluation of technology available to improve business growth and efficiency. Participant will learn how to gather information learned throughout the programme to form a cashflow forecast to help assess the viability of a business. A key component of this Kōnae Ako will involve working in groups to ‘pitch’ a business idea to potential internal and external stakeholders.

Entry Criteria

  • A minimum of 16 years of age or over (unless exemption has been granted) at the commencement of the programme;  
  • A New Zealand citizen (or citizen of Australia, Tokelau, Niue, Cook Islands) or permanent resident; and
  • Meet the eligibility, suitability for admission, and external support criteria as outlined in the programmes pre-enrolment guidelines.  
  • Participants must not exceed Study Load requirements.  

Pre-Enrolment Guidelines

A potential tauira must:

  • Meet the entry criteria;
  • Attend an information session;
  • Be graduates of a Level 2 qualification or equivalent; or
  • Attain competence in a numeracy and literacy exercise that reflects comprehension, writing, and numerical abilities for the programme (if they have not already completed a Level 3 programme that has literacy and numeracy components); and
  • Be fully committed to completing the programme.

This programme is not available to international students.

Tuition and Resource Costs

There are NO tuition fees for SSB. Participants will receive their own comprehensive set of SSB resources. This programme is available at no cost to participants.

SSB Delivery

One night for three hours per week (6.30pm to 9.30pm) plus the occasional Saturday workshop. The SSB Contact Programme is a 20 week programme.  Each module is delivered in class over a five week period.  The delivery format involves:

  • One evening class
  • Plus: contact workshops usually held on a Saturday 
  • Plus: one full day wananga usually held on a Saturday or Sunday 

The next intake of the SSB programme will commence in March 2023 either online or at one of our local sites in Henderson, Newmarket and/or Mangere


At your Information Seminar you will be provided with an Enrolment form.  In order to complete your enrolment form, you must also provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of permanent residency or NZ Citizenship such as a certified copy of your birth certificate or passport.  This is not detailed on the application form; however, it must be done in order for your enrolment to be processed.

As places are limited for the Programme, participants will be required to register for an information seminar by contacting Ochre Business Solutions.  

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