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Home ownership is an important if not integral part of your financial wellbeing, and needs to be a priority for all Kiwi who don’t currently own their own home. Ochre Business believes that home ownership should be the right of all Maori but the dream of owning your own home is getting harder and harder.

However before you can even begin to look for your new home you must ask yourself the question, What do I need to learn to be ready for Home Ownership?

This is a crucial question that needs an answer and lets face it, you don’t know what you don’t know. So we have a free comprehensive course to help educate you and prepare you for Home Ownership. In association with Te Puni Kokiri and Te Ara Ahunga Ora – Retirement Commission, the Sorted Kainga Ora Home Ownership course is designed to help you own your first home.

Sorted Kainga Ora Home Ownership Course

The Sorted Kainga Ora Home Ownership Course is a course put together by Te Ara Ahunga Ora – Retirement Commission and Te Puni Kokiri. It is a course that teaches in an easily understandable language the ins and outs of first Home Ownership. This combined with the input of Te Puni Kokiri gives the student an excellent array of resources to begin their Home Ownership journey. 

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 SKO Programme Content

The SKO programme will be delivered online via zoom and consists of the following eight core modules: 

1. Kupu Arataki ki te Nōhanga Whare – Induction Pathway to Housing    This module will give whanau an overview of the programme detailing what we will cover, how it relates to the housing continuum and getting a home loan. We will also explore housing strategies such as shared ownership & rent to buy opportunities offered by Community Housing Providers. Building on Papakāinga will also be introduced.

2. He Tikanga Whakapau – Spending Beliefs  
During this module, participants will discuss their beliefs and behaviours towards money and how it relates to their spending habits.  Reviewing bank statements and using a spending diary, participants will gain a better understanding of where their money is going and changes needed to achieve home ownership. Participants will understand how money decisions and home ownership impacts their ability to create intergenerational wealth & wellbeing.   

3.  He Mahere Pūtea  – Money Plans    This module focuses on the review of a fictitious budget and the use of an exercise to help participants look at their own budgets and spending diaries in order to “Set up a money system that works”. We will introduce the Sorted budgeting tool to help develop a whanau budget and identify areas where improvements can be made.  

4. Ngā Pūnaha Whakahīkaka me Moni – Motivations & Money Systems  

In this module, participants will engage in the powerful activity of SMART goal setting. We will also look at setting up our Money System to help automate our goals and money plan. Participants will also discover the secret of compounding interest and how it relates to saving and managing debt including a home loan.  
5.  Te Moni Tārewa me Ōu Mōtika – Debt and Your Rights  Participants will learn about debt and their rights including managing a home loan. Participants will learn about the true cost of debt, what to look for in a credit contract, their rights as consumers and ways to prioritise debts. We will develop ideas that will help manage current debt.

6. He Āwhina – Save SmartParticipants will learn about their savings, different types of investments and KiwiSaver. They will also learn about managed funds and how to get the most out of their KiwiSaver to plan for home ownership. Government assistance towards home ownership will also be discussed.  

7. Mate Kāinga Tahi, Ora Kāinga Rua – Plan For The UnexpectedIn this module, participants will consider planning for the unexpected by looking at emergency funds and the insurance options available to us. Participants will also look at the importance of having a Will and to consider a Power of Attorney.
8. Hei Whainga – Looking AheadIn this module, we will celebrate what we have achieved and look ahead to home ownership. In this final module we bring it all together and piece together your plan for home ownership. We will also introduce participants to relevant people who can help you with the next stage of your home ownership journey.

SKO Entry Criteria

  • Be of Māori descent or purchasing/building a home with someone of Māori descent
  • Who are passionate and committed to achieving their home ownership dreams & aspirations 

Pre-Enrolment Guidelines 

Places are limited to 18 registrations per programme so it is important that a potential participant must:

  • Meet the entry criteria; 
  • Attend an online information session; to attend an online information session, click here to register
  • Complete an online enrolment form
  • Be fully committed to completing the programme (ie. attend all online workshops)


There are NO costs involved in participating in SKO nor are there any costs for the resource books you will be receiving.  

SKO Delivery

The SKO programme is delivered over an 8 week period online via zoom.  Each online workshop is 3 hours long.  Facilitation support is provided throughout the 8 week period where participants will be followed up to assist with their understanding of the learnings at the workshops and to assist with the development of their home ownership plan. Graduation will occur in the final workshop with the presentation of certificates for those who complete the course. Ongoing mentoring support will be provided upon completion to help you achieve your home ownership goals.  We invite guest speakers along to our workshops that will help you with your home ownership journey.

SKO Start Date for Online Workshops

We will be delivering 5 series of workshops with the following start dates in 2024:

  1. Monday 11th March to Monday 29th April
  2. Tuesday 26th March to Tuesday 14th May
  3. Wednesday 10th April to Wednesday 29th May
  4. Thursday 25th April to Thursday 13th June
  5. Monday 6th May to Monday 24th June

SKO Enrolment

All participants will need to attend an online information session where we provide a detailed overview of the programme. It is an opportunity to ask any question and to complete an online enrolment form to register for the programme.

Each information session will take up to 1 hour long. To attend an online information session, click here to register

For further enquiries, contact us on either Ph: 09 360 4892 or Email: admin@ochrebusiness.com or Text: 021 653780

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